Monametsi Kalayamotho


Monametsi Kalayamotho is the founder of Moro Group of companies. With 15 years of experience in the ICT experience, he prides himself in his ability to translate strategic thought into practical, attainable business objectives. He is a serial entrepreneur whose work ethic is premised on values of integrity, innovation and development. Monametsi is a true example of a maverick who is consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation in Botswana and abroad. Over the years, Monametsi has proven that cutting-edge innovations can be realized locally. He has shown this by playing a leading role in introducing innovative technologies to the Botswana market. As Project Director he has overseen the implementation of significant ICT projects for the Botswana government and private sector. Amongst others, he is a recipient of the top 40 under 40 awards and has served as a member of the Presidential task team on Vision 2036. Monametsi holds a Bsc in Information Systems and an MSc in Strategic Management. He is currently pursuing a doctorate of Business Administration with the Netherlands Business School.