Nurucoin Privacy Policy

  1. 1. This Policy governs the use of site also referred herein as ‘Site’ and Nurucoin ‘Affiliate sites’ as referred in our Terms and Conditions. The Policy governs: the use, collection of users’ information by and its affiliates. Users of our site agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy.

  2. 2. Any user consents that may use information that it’s collected on its main site and its affiliate sites directly or indirectly which may include: buyer information, personal information registration information, statistical information, marketing information, payment information, account activities information and publishing information.

  3. 3. A user of consents that information sent to the site to be published shall be made public but not to the extent of personal information of the user.

  4. 4. When registering as a user on our site, information that is collected includes: address, name, email address, phone/fax number, other personal information. A copy of passport certified by an Advocate with a copy of a utility bill showing current address will be submitted.

  5. 5. Nurucoin may use your registration details for purposes of communicating with you particularly phone number, email address, mobile number, mailing address, or fax number in view of surveys, notices, product alerts, product offerings, new service or any relevant communication to site users.

  6. 6. Users or other payment information is also collected on our site which includes: credit card numbers, billing information and tracking information from money orders or cheques.  

  7. 7. We record and retain information relating to buyers which includes: buying records, contact details, any browsing activities on our site and browsing patterns, IP address, behavioral patterns and buyer profiles amongst other information but does not publish such information.  

  8. 8. also collects statistical information with regards to users on the site including but not limited to: operating system, software and hardware attributes, IP addresses, pages viewed, browser software, unique visitors and number of sessions for each user. 

  9. 9.We may use your information in the following ways: improve marketing on our site, collect statistical analysis on usage, better Nurucoin content, customize the site and improve product offerings for our site users. 

  10. 10. We may provide or share information with our affiliates for purposes of improving services only to the extent of the scope of this policy. 

  11. 11.We may share collective information based on statistical information to facilitate advertising and promotions for third parties but individual collected information shall remain undisclosed. 

  12. 12.Any publishing information provided shall be made public and may be accessible by any internet user and you shall relinquish proprietary rights of the information. 

  13. 13. We share payment information with vendors and banks to facilitate completion of the transactions. 

  14. 14. We may use general information for internal use and improve monitoring and market decisions. 

  15. 15.We collect and record account activities information on website. This information includes but not limited to: pricing and delivery information, goods specifications and trade dispute records of account users. 

  16. 16.We do not in any other way trade, exchange rent or sell personal information for its users beyond the scope of our Privacy Policy. 

  17. 17.Statistical information in aggregate may be provided to third parties, but that way, individual user information remains confidential with us. 

  18. 18.Nurucoin does have technological measures to protect against intrusion of any parties in accessing your payment, but it is not a guarantee against such risks and shall not be responsible for any losses related thereto. 

  19. 19.We may provide or improve services experience by use of your account activities, and as such we may also generate reports based statistical information particularly for internal use to monitor and make market decisions. 

  20. 20.We may publish records relating to complaints against a user and any penalties or any actions against such a user.

  21. 21. As the case may be, we may use buyer information to establish behavioral patterns including buying patterns necessary in improving marketing decisions. 

  22. 22.We may use also the information for purposes of: dispute resolution, completing agreements, investigation of any concerns on our site, enable efficient communication between the suppliers and the buyers. 

  23. 23. The use of any information of a user on is subject to the laws of various jurisdictions. This way, members are responsible for obeying the laws and ensure compliance when in use of the site or its services.

  24. 24. Nurucoin expressly prohibit use of personal information for any illegal activities.  

  25. 25. reserves the right to disclose information to relevant legal authorities where there is reason to believe that there is infringement or may cause interference or injury to or any other users.  

  26. 26. We have relationships with other parties that help offer services and products we do not offer. As such, we grant access to other parties through the use of hyperlinks to their sites. We are not responsible for their privacy policies. 

  27. 27.We may use cookies particularly for specific information about a user and track visits to our sites. 

  28. 28.Access to your personal information details is only permissible through access of your personal account and password. In this regard, we put in place measures to ensure that there is no unauthorized access and in no instance will any individual including our personnel ask you for your password. 

  29. 29. If it is a shared computer you use, always make sure not to save your log in information and also ensure you sign out of your account and close the browser window.  

  30. 30. Nurucoin does not transact with minors. In instances that a minor has provided Nurucoin with information of a parent; the parents should contacts Nurucoin to delete such details on our site.  

  31. 31. If a user does not agree to the policy as amended, shall contact in writing to destroy all copies of collected information in its possession.  

  32. 32. Where there is breach of our Terms and conditions or agreements with Nurucoin, we may publish or rather disclose information on a user for purposes of pursuing our claim.  

  33. 33. We may change our privacy policy and user consents to be bound by the latest form of Privacy Policy which in any case shall always be posted on our site immediately.